With proud we are able to say that we are one of the most preferred logistics service providers in our region engaged in offering value added

customs clearance activities. Our services are highly sought after and we believe that the primary factors that have helped us score over our

competitors are:

In-depth knowledge of our local customs tariffs, acts and procedures

Ethical business values

Reliable, flexible and transparent services

A competent team of professionals

Competitive rates

Cost effectiveness and on-time performance

Customer focused and professional approach

Our “going beyond culture” to make sure that our customers are successful and satisfied.

At MicroTechnics we have been able to make a great deal of clients’ portfolio. Our portfolio includes customers from different industries, which is what has given us a great exposure in dealing with customs procedure in handling of goods from different industry nature and categories.

We are proud to say that “Our customers speak for us”! We have made a very strong, trustworthy and good relationship with our customers in such a way that we can proudly refer you to our customers without any hesitation. We are confident that you will get a good recommendation from our customers. Our portfolio includes a number of customers but to mention the few that we are in a long-term business relationship here are some: Please Turn Over the Page.