We are keenly focused on providing our clients with the cost-effective and timely clearing and forwarding services for land, sea and air shipments.

We provide the full range of customs clearing and freight forwarding services for all kinds of cargo, including both local and transit.

At MicroTechnics, we offer a range of value-added services, including free consultancy to clients and prospect clients regarding a variety of customs processes and procedures applicable to our customs authority (TRA) which are guided by stringent value principles to apply best practices in our daily operations.

Our experienced customs clearing personnel are available in all our office locations to assist with tariff classifications, audits, and detailed costing. Our personnel maintains daily contact with the various government departments to make sure that we remain a one-stop solution for our

clients inquiring about different processes relating to different government authorities such as TFDA, TBS (SGS). Also, the company’s online interface with relevant authorities allows for the completion of customs clearance processes in the shortest possible time.


MicroTechnics Logistics has expertise in providing expert international sea freight forwarding services to companies big and small worldwide. We are an integral part of our clients export I import departments, offering custom tailored ocean /sea freight logistics solutions for a wide variety of cargos.

As per the requirement of the customer we offer service with ease, visibility, and global reach. We also transfer the shipment date to the concerned destination prior to the vessels arrival to provide timely release of the goods after customs clearance.

Quotation on port charges, consumer fees, cost of special domination, insurance and fee of the freight forwarder are also provided to the clients.


Our airport imports/exports services team holds complete information and understanding of the formalities and requirements of our customs procedures for importing and exporting via airfreight. Sometimes, issuance of some licenses and other similar certificates are taken care of by us on the behalf of the client. We go beyond our services scope just to make sure our goal to be one-stop solution to our client is reached. Our professionalism and extensive experience has made it easier to build a good reputation and hence good relationship with the different government agencies and authorities. This has made it easier when we are chasing some licenses on behalf of the clients especially in exportation.

Choosing MicroTechnics assures you of accurate, speedy and efficient customs clearance and forwarding.